Glitter Shell ~ 5-free texture/glitter smoothing topcoat

$ 7.50


Glitter Shell is our new "sub-topcoat" product that adds an extra layer to smooth out those "thirsty" textured nail polishes! Just apply your glitter/flakie heavy nail polish, allow to dry, then one coat of Glitter Shell and top it off with your favorite glossy or matte topcoat! Glitter Shell dries shiny, but we still recommend a proper topcoat for a long lasting mani. Glitter Shell is only available unscented, as fragrance oils can thin the texture smoothing formula and negatively effect performance.

Please note that scents notated with an asterick (*) are not recommended for top coats as they are naturally darker oils and may slightly discolor the product. 

Listing is for one (1) full sized bottle of polish (.5 oz/15mL) featuring flat brush, and 1-2 extra large stainless steel corrosion resistance agitation balls. All polishes are 5-free, vegan, and cruelty free! 



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